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A Brief Introduction

Hello, my name is Mariam. I am a dedicated and passionate educator with a solid academic background and extensive experience in teaching both Languages and Sciences. Having achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Chemical Sciences with a 2.1 honors classification, I have combined my love for the sciences with a flair for teaching to create engaging and effective learning experiences for my students.

Teaching Expertise:

My journey in education has taken a unique turn as I have successfully merged my background in the sciences with a passion for languages. I specialise in teaching Biology and French, where I strive to make complex concepts understandable and fascinating for students.

Engaging and Fun Tutoring Style:

As a tutor, I am known for my engaging and enjoyable teaching style. I believe that learning is most effective when it is enjoyable, and I take pride in creating an inclusive and positive learning environment. Whether teaching the intricacies of cellular biology or helping students master the nuances of the French language, I strive to make every lesson a journey of exploration and discovery.

Helping Students Achieve Goals:

One of my greatest joys in teaching is witnessing the success of my students. I am dedicated to helping them set and achieve their academic goals. Through approaches such as interactive activities, and a commitment to understanding individual learning needs, I work tirelessly to ensure that my students not only grasp challenging concepts but also develop a genuine passion for the subjects I teach.

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Biology or Chemistry

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£ 35