Key Stage 2 English - How To Write Super Sentences!

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This is a 4 week course, where your child will learn how to improve and write simple, compound and complex sentences. They will begin with the basics and then move on to produce sophisticated, well structured sentences.

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Week 1
The children will be taught the simplest sentence structure and learn that sentences need to have a subject and a verb. They will then be introduced to a simple sentence and learn how to improve it using adjectives and powerful verbs.
Week 2
The children will review the first lesson and then be introduced to a compound sentence. They will learn that compound sentences need to have two complete ideas ( clauses) that can stand on their own.
Week 3
The children will review lessons 1 and 2. They will be taught that clauses can be dependent or independent. If a sentence has a dependent clause it is called a complex sentence.
Week 4
In this lesson, the children will put everything they have learnt into practice. They will read an extract and identify simple, compound and complex sentences.

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Each course will have no more than 8 students. Each small group course is designed for a particular level and subject. This is ideal for students who would rather learn with others. Each session is £12 per session.

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