GCSE English Course Online: An Inspector Calls - Theme and Context

Online GCSE courses about the theme and context of 'An Inspector Calls'.

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In these sessions will explore how Priestley uses themes and context to highlight the social divide. How men and women were treated differently and what the characters may have learned about the importance of responsibility. In each lesson there will be questions and quizzes to help the student retain the knowledge of the course.

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Week 1
During the first week, we will look at Britain in 1912 when the play was set and in what had changed by 1945. Also, it will look at what family life was like during this time.
Week 2
In the second week, we will look at the young and old and any similarities and differences. In addition, what effect social class had the characters
Week 3
Expanding on from last week, we will look at men and women and what their roles were in society and the judgement the Inspector gives.
Week 4
Finally, what have the characters learnt about life after the Inspector’s visit and what responsibility they play in society.

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