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A beginner English class, where your child can practice their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

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Week 1
My family: The children will learn the names of family members including mother, father, brother sister, grandfather, grandmother. They will talk about their own family members and describe them. For example, “I have sister, her name is …”
Week 2
My house: The children will learn the names of the rooms in their house and label their own house. They will learn to say “My house has _________.”
Week 3
My body: The children will learn the names of facial features and body parts (head, shoulders arms, stomach, back, bottom, legs hands, fingers, feet, toes).They will label a face and describe themselves. For example, ” I have blue eyes.”
Week 4
My favourite clothes: The children will learn vocabulary related to clothing and will be able to describe what they are wearing. They will play a game called Guess The Clothes and listen to a song.
Week 5
My favourite Food: The children will learn the names of different fruits and food items and read a simple menu. They will describe what they like and dislike and play a board game related to food items.
Week 6
My Hobbies: The children will learn the names of different hobbies. They will describe what they like to do in their free time and play a simple game.

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Each course will have no more than 8 students. Each small group course is designed for a particular level and subject. This is ideal for students who would rather learn with others. Each session is £12 per session.

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Emma D

Experienced and Qualified Tutor who specialises in teaching English as a foreign language (children and adults), primary curriculum English and maths. ​ I am a friendly, reliable professional with over 20 years of domestic and international experience.

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